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Who we are

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Pure Energy Fuels USA Inc has assembled one of the most experienced veteran team of experts in the Energy Saving and Hydrocarbon saving Industry, Social Media and Marketing, Accounting & Finance industry.

Our Technology


Uses Principles of Physics

  • Lowers Friction
  • Increase Fuels O2 Mixing
  • Decrease Surface Tension
  • Increase Fuel Combustion Rate
  • Lowers emissions
  • Frenquency Re-Patterning Process



Our products can be used in Diesel

and Gasoline:

  • Cars & Trucks
  • Machinery & Generators
  • Planes
  • Ships & Trains


  • Car
  • Truck
  • Airplane
  • Boat
  • Buses
  • Ship
  • Construction Equipment
    Construction Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
    Farm Equipment
  • Motorcycle
  • Ferries
  • Oil field Machinery
    Oil field Machinery
  • Train

Making A Difference With Pure Energy Fuels

12580809 sPure Energy Fuels USA Inc, Is becoming the leader in fuel additives designed specifically to reducing both fuel consumption and toxic emissions.


Active Advisors




B B Blevins - CARP & EPA Advisor       

Mr. Blevins, former Secretary of the California Energy Commission, has Advisor energy-related organizations including: the Center for Clean Air Policy in been involved on the Board of Directors for several environmental and Washington D.C.; the Science and Industry Advisory Board at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; and the State Government Task Force on Alternative Fuels.




James Brakke - Advisor

Mr. Brakke is director and executive vice president of Dealer Protection Group, a company that provides insurance services to the automotive industry.
Mr Brakke has served as a director of Commercial Capital Bank and Pacific National Bank. When Mr. Brakke bought Commercial Capital Bank, the assets of the bank were $ 400 mil. Five years later, he sold the bank at $ 6 billion with assets in excess of $ 5 billion





John Crawford - Advisor

Mr. Crawford is a founding partner of Hong Kong Ernst & Young. For more Advisor than 30 years he has acted as engagement or review partner on most of the firm’s major clients. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions and large takeover and restructuring exercises. He is founding governor of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and Chairman of the supervisory committee of the Wynn Casino & Resorts (Macau).




Dr. Alla Legge - Advisor

Dr. Allan Legge has over 35 years experience researching air quality and the effects of air polution on terrestrial ecosystems in Alberta as well as internationally. He was a Senior Research Scientist with the Kananaskits Centre for Environmental Research (University of Calgary) from 1072-1990 and a Senior Research Officer in the Environment Research and Engineering Department of the Alberta Research Council from 1900-1993. In 1993 he founded Biosphere Soutions. Dr. Lagge was principal invesgator of the multidisciplinary West Whitecourt Case Study designed to determine the long-term effectcs of sulphur gas emissions from a sour gas processing plant on a boreal forest ecosystem in West Central Alberta. He was also Proncipal Investigator of the multidisciplinary Biphysics portion of the Alberta Government/ Industry Acid Deposition Program (ADRP). Dr. Legge lead the tea, that developed the deninition of clean air used by the Clean Air Strategic Alliance.




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